Seems like a good deal. Can't really go wrong with a 7 for that price though..
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Someone has had too much jager in their slushy. :/
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First person on UG to be a grammar nazi and use the correct form of "your" in the correct context.

+ 70 virgins to you, my good sir.

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Girls DO fap...I don't though.
Unless "dings and scratches" means "the neck's held together by school glue and the bridge's busted" $110 seems like a deal on anything bar maybe a BC Rich Bronze Series KKV or a Bulet Strat. I'd go for it. =P
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
I have a dinged up BC Rich Body Art Collection Flesh Ring Warlock. Would this be a fair trade?
This warlock doesnt have the best fret access but im used to that so i think ill ask this guy if he wants to trade.