I just re-recorded one of my band's (Bridge To Nowhere) songs, "A Violent Rebirth"

I recorded all guitars with my Line 6 Pod X3, using the Big Bottom model.
I used Recabinet guitar impulses for the cabinet simulation, ALOT better than the Pod's cab sims.
All guitars are triple tracked except bass. I hate the bass tone btw.
I recorded and mastered the song with Reaper.

Check it out on my profile and let me know what you think, there are no vocals on it yet btw.


My band is seeking a keyboardist so if you're in the Anaheim California area and interested in the position, contact us through our myspace.

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Frankly, I like your track a lot! There's a good feeling, the main riff stays in the mind and all the synth stuffs over bring something more. Well, good job!

(I've got also personal recordings on my MySpace profile, some Thrash/Death material, if you're interested: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1301087 Enjoy!)
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That was pretty fricking awesome. Great tone and a great song to boot! Definitely got the thrash "chunk" down.
Damn this song is pretty ****in beasty. The guitar riffs are insane. 0.58 and 1.30 pretty much blew me away Loved you had the little synth bits near the beginning. They were subtle enough that they didn't take away from the awesome riffs. What recording software are you using because the quality is awesome!


Crit mines?
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