hey d00ds. What color should I get my bass in. It is going to be an Ibanez GSR-200. It comes in black, white, red , and blue. I honestly dont care what color, so just tell me which one looks the best to you guys.

btw I was already thinking blue but I really dont care. Here's the link:
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White or flat black... they don't show fingerprints that easily.

Edit: It doesn't really matter, choose what YOU want, that's what makes it YOURS.

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I think white looks the best.

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Go orange. thats just plain sexy.
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the blue looks pretty sexy but its down to what you like best since it'll be your bass
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For a bit more you can get an even better Ibanez. BTW I've seen the white one IRL and it looks weird.
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white is always sexy.PG's ibanez reinforces that xD
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Black Flat is not the same model as the others or is it? I mean, it has two humbuckers if I'm not mistaken (or 2x2 single coils, not really sure.)
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