I bought an interface but I see so many people using DIs. Is the signal the same ?? I did reamping on DI tracks and it sounded wicked but when I try to do so with the signal from my interace I don't get the same results. Do my interface (presonus firebox) does exactly the same thing as a DI or even better ?? I feel a bit dumb asking this question but I really want to know. Thanks in advance !!
I thought using an interface WAS DI. :/

I'd like to know this too.
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I'm pretty sure that if you plug your guitar directly into the interface, that's called DI. If you use a mic to mic your amp then plug the mic into the the interface then it's not. DI=Interface if you plug your guitar directly into the interface.

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A DI box will boost your guitar's signal up to line level, which then goes into the interface. It's like putting phantom power on a condenser mic, except most DI boxes have an EQ and distortion etc on 'em.
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the DI box is used to convert the signal from unbalanced to balanced XLR to run long lengths to the snake or board. It also splits the signal so you can send that to the amp where the player can hear it and you can record both the sound of the guitar pickups as well as the amp and cab.

Interfaces are stand along units used with computers and they are a must have for recording to a computer. Some offer some instrument inputs which you can DI a guitar or bass into and do the same thing as a dedicated DI box...but it's built into the interface.

So overall, go with the interface.
Interface. At least that's the way I go and I haven't had any trouble at all. In fact it's been painless.
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Thanks for your replies. Well I HAVE an interface with two line in. But reffering to what you've said having both (interface + DI) will increase the signal so I can't get a better tone ?

In most cases, no. I would just stick with the interface.

Some more advanced DI boxes have dummy loads and cab sims built in but generally, I don't see them used too often in the studios I've worked in.
Ok, but my guitar has active pickups so I was asking myself if that changes anything ? Like, do the radial J48 DI made for this purpose would be better than the two poor line in of my interface ? Because the signal input is pretty low with the interface and I previously worked with DI tracks that sounded a lot better.
Yeah, it'll definitely sound better. In the meantime, check your interface for a line/di button, mine has one. Basically you'd want it on 'line' if you had an outboard DI box, and you'd want it on 'DI' if you're using it to boost the signal. That makes a HUGE difference. Regardless, your Di tracks will sound better with an actual DI.
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