Hey guys. Wrote this one yesterday... Night/morning? I dunno. It was like 4am. Haha. Just wanted to say thanks to the entire "Songwriting and Lyrics" community for being so kind with feedback, and not too harsh on a newbie. Was thinking about changing the title of this one to "Nightfall". Not much of a difference, but it sounds cool. Tell me what you guys think. Thanks.

"Night Sky"

It's only when I look
Into the tranquility of the night sky
Do I begin to question
Whether you're looking up,
And following my lead.

I'd sell the sky,
Pawn the oceans,
And buy you the moon
To know you were thinking of me too.

A silent comfort being offered
By these lovely shades of violet.
Somewhere I take refuge...
In a desperate attempt,
To find some peace and quiet.
Although, these silly sparkles in the sky,
Are nothing compared to the twinkle
At the center of your eyes.

This quiet violet,
Has become a calming blue
The scarlet has begun to rise...
Its now that I realize...

I'd sell the sky,
Pawn the oceans,
And buy you the moon
To know you were thinking of me too.
I really really like it. It's exactly what i like reading, it's happy, it's romantic, it's smart, it's well written. It's really really good.
I love the line of "Pawn the Oceans." It's quite unique and I don't think I've ever heard that phrase before which is awesome. I do like the flow and it was really descriptive. I feel very relaxed after reading that. Well done.
This is some great song in the making, i can tell you that for very sure. Lyrics writing is not a child's foul play and you are so amazing at it that you stole my heart away with your work. Definitely the band having such great writers would be blessed with some great musicians as well to compliment them.
This is really good It's very mature. I think it would make a good acoustic song. I also think that "Violet" would be a good title because there are shades of violet, quiet violet, in the song.