The song Mandy by the Jonas Brothers; however he confused me. He is saying that he is strumming bar chords in the verse and the chorus, but it seem he is strumming the power chords? Which one is it like the F# how is he playing it in the video thanks alot.
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Look at 1:58 when he says the F he says bar chord but i can't tell? are you postive he is not playing the bar chord?
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Yeah, he's muting the other strings with, more than likely his index index finger. I'm pretty sure he's using the wrong terminology to describe what he's doing.
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What I like to do is use two fingers instead of three, I'll use my pointer finger to fret the top bass string, and use my pinky to fret the 2 lower bass strings, and if you do it right, your pointer finger should mute the rest, you'll still hear a scratch sound, that's normal, you just don't want the strings to ring out.

Now the proper technique(I just learned my way the goofy way) is to use your pointer finger to fret the top bass string, your ring finger to fret the 2nd bass string, and your pinky to fret the 3ed bass string.

To do a bar chord, use the same technique, but flatten out your pointer finger so your fretting all the strings within one fret, and fret the 4th string(G string) with your middle finger, and fret the other strings as if you where doing a power chord.
So i need to work on muting the unused 3 strings in power chords. Thanks for all the help..