For the past few days I've been trying to use google to find out how chords and scales fall into a certain key. So far it hasn't really helped me at all. I've also have been making up chords that I come by while messing with scales. Like this


So how exactly do I find out what chords I'm making besides using the lowest note to determine it like how you determine power and 5th chords and how do I determine how a scale does into what key like the A Pentatonic scale or D Harmonic Minor?
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well to learn chord construction you need to have a very solid understanding of the major scale and intervals.

as for determining keys there is the circle of fifths you should study.

im sure someone else can give you a more in depth description. however i wont due to potentially accidentally giving out incorrect information on the subjects
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To figure out what a chord is and what scale it fits into, you need to turn chord construction and the theory behind scales. There are plenty of lessons on this site, or I'll try to explain it if you want.
pick out the notes that you're actually playing, and then as The_Sophist said, you need to know everything about chord construction before you can figure out what you are doing.

that thing you have in the original post, for example, could be a G6 chord, without a 5th, or the top 3 notes in a C#7(b5#9) chord.

it ain't too easy.
[quote="'jamie[wls"]']that thing you have in the original post, for example, could be a G6 chord, without a 5th, or the top 3 notes in a C#7(b5#9) chord.Or Em.
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to figure out what chords are in a key, take a scale, lets use C Major.

notes in C major scale: C D E F G A B

notes of chords in C major:

C major (C E G) A minor (A C E)

D minor (D F A) B diminished (B D F)

E minor (E G B) just take the notes and go up skipping a note each time to find the
notes of the chord. to use this for a random chord, you must know
F major ( F A C) the sharps and flats of each key and that will help identify the chord

G major ( G B D)