It's high time we talk about this guy, but for those who don't know about him, a bio:

Life: Patton was born in Edwards, Mississippi in 1891, and soon moved North to the famed Dockery Plantation. Many different claims have been tossed around regarding his ethnicity, due to his complexion, but is actually mixed race. After learning guitar from Henry Sloan, he was considered a performer by his late teens, and was said to be an incredible showman, as he was able to play with his teeth and behind his back. In 1929, 20 years after he began writing songs, his determination and skill paid off, and was signed to Paramount, and songs such as "Pony Blue", which he wrote himself, sold well. Though after 4 years with the label, he recorded 29 tracks with the American recording company. Prior to this, his throat had been slashed in a fight, and his vocals deteriorated noticeably. 2 years later, he died of heart failure at age 42.

Guitar: Patton was known as an excellent slide-guitarist, and drew on this ability with his driving, powerful rythym. He mainly played Delta Blues, a genre he helped create, but as a young man, he played anything from Celtic Ballads, to dance music.

Vocals: Despite his short height of 5'5, Patton's voice was incredibly powerful, and coupled with the poor quality of early recording equipment and his accent, make his lyrics somewhat indecipherable. As a lyricist, Patton was both a witty and humorous with tracks like "Mississippi Boweavil Blues" and "Spoonfull Blues", but also wrote dark and serious lyrics with songs like "Prayer of Death" and "Pony Blues."

Legacy: Patton was a pioneer of the delta blues, and influenced other blues artists of his time, as well as everything that came after him. He's also considered an excellent slide and acoustic guitarist, but his poor health kept him from seeing the effect of his prowess. He is also an Iconic blues vocalist, with his booming, accented voice, and powerful lyrics. Overall, Patton is true blues legend, and had an immense effect on every bluesman, rocker, and showman.

Key tracks:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ1zOarIoEA&NR=1&feature=fvwp Pony Blues
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWJeL3PHi0U&feature=related Prayer Of Death
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyIquE0izAg&feature=related Spoonfull Blues
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