Hi how you doing. I'm a self confessed newbie at recording asking for some help on yup, recording. So I've got me:

* a Lexicon Lambda
* a condenser mic (I press on phantom power when recording)

I'm attempting to record with Audacity (even though the Lambda came with Cubase LE 4) because it's less overwhelming to use than Cubase.

So I've installed all the software that the Lambda came with, come time to hitting that record button, I've no signal! But I drag an mp3 file (Arcade Fire's 'Black Mirror') and I can see and hear that it works. Checking the set up again:

* mic is plugged into Mic 1
* recording input/output is the same (Lexicon Lambda)

What I'm wondering now, is if anyone else has had this problem and what I can do resolve it?

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions