Should i be resting my palm on the bridge for picking (not muted) because it helps to prevent unwanted noise for me when i am soloing. What about for tremelo picking, galloping should i rest my palm on the bridge or basically have my hand suspended and not touching any part of the guitar when i pick etc.

Sorry if this is a bit confusing but u get the jist i hope TY
theres many different techniques
as long as your not anchoring your hand if its just resting there i think it should be fine
i have my hand on the bridge most of the time except when sweeping or strumming
I heard you shouldn't have your picking hand resting on your guitar most of the time because of tension, the same with resting your pinky bellow the strings. I don't actually know what you can and cannot do but for me when i gallop i allways rest it but only if it is palm muted (like the veres in The Trooper)
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I rest my hand on the bridge when playing riffs, solos, and gallops. The only time I lift my hand off the guitar is from strumming.
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The way I think about muting is that you mute the below strings with your fretting hand and the above strings with the palm of your picking hand.
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Picking near the bridge changes the sound for me . i dont know what are the changes , or i dont know how to tell them , but it changes , i do it when i need really fast P.M.