Im looking at buying a new guitar (probs ESP or Jackson), i currently have 2, one which i keep in drop-c/d-standard and the other in e-standard tuning. I will probably set up my next guitar for d-standard/drop-c tuning and i think i would be probably better off getting a normal guitar with an octave scale (i think that's the right term) of more that 25', but im not really sure and i dont want to use strings any heavyer than 11-52 if it can be helped. I have that gauge on my drop-c/d-standard guitar but i did a bad job of the intonation when i first detuned it and have not bothered to fix it since, so i dont really know if the guitar is comfortable with the tuning. I kind of figure that if i get a baritone with a octave scale on the small side, i could just put thinner strings on it, but again im not really sure. what should i do?
You won't need a baritone guitar unless you go all the way down to drop A tunings and such
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