I am going to get a POD X3 Live and I want to use the 4 cable method, so I want to kow have you ever used or currently use the 4 cable method?
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Eermm not meaning to sound like an idiot, but could you explain the 4 cable method?
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The point is that you can use the amp models/ distortions ect. with your amps power section making the models act like a tube amp
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"Have you ever used the 4 cable method?
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I used to use said method and its a great way of being able to bypass the amps preamp and just use the power section of an amp to amp the models but still have the option to use the amps preamp or a combination of the amp and Pod preamps if it sounds good.

Cable 1: Guitar -> Guitar input on pod

Cable 2: Pod loop send -> Amp input

Cable 3: Amp loop send -> Pod loop return

Cable 4: Pod Output -> Amp loop return

Basically its all wired so that the amps preamp is placed in the switchable loop of the POD allowing you to switch it in and out at the press of a button.

The rest is just setting up the patches as required.
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That sounds sick. Now I wanna try that.
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That sounds sick. Now I wanna try that.

It's a great way to find out what amps you like the sound of the most
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I heard the loop on the X3 was noisy. Tried it on mine and it was noisy. I didn't look into it any further on the X3, so take my finding with a grain of salt and try it yourself. I may have used a crappy cable or had it next to a transformer. I didn't really try to see if there was another source of the noise.
That sounds awesome. Times like these I wish I had an FX loop. I'm too scared to install a diy one .
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.