Definitely picking up on the Muse influence. I'm guessing the sawtooth on the low end is to try to get Chris Wolstenholme's distorted sound? The appegios, the high vocal melody, I'm no expert on them, but if you're going for a Muse sound, I'd say you've got it.

Obviously, since it's not done there's not much to comment on. Get a second verse and a bridge going on and you could have something really cool here. I'd really like to hear what this sounds like in its final version. Good stuff!
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I love the vibraphone.

Overall, you've got a very thorough, well-orchestrated sound; I like it.
Hm dude, as I told you before, my only concern with this song is that it really is heavily influenced by Muse. Even I, not a big listener of them, can spot that... and as such, originality is at a loss here - it's fine to have your influences, but I think you need to introduce something that is really distinctive "you" on it.

Otherwise, you work the harmonic minor well, the atmosphere is well filled with the synth and vibes, the riffing is simple but works, and the vocal line is solid. Not a lot to point out really. You're at the point when the song starts getting repetitive, so get an interlude in there.

Also, you could have worked some drum fills to make the transitions, so the rhythm would sound a little less predictable, it looks like you just copy/pasted all of it.

That's about it man. Definitely finish it, but broaden your horizons a little. I know you can do some neat stuff besides the Muse-ish, so how about incorporating that into this and getting at it?