sup musos.

i need some help figuring out the function of these chords. they're the last part of the A section of a Antonio Carlos Jobim song called 'Favela'. Check it out, great tune.

anyway. Key is Gmin, chords are:

Em7b5 Ebmin6 | Gmin7 Dmin7 | Gmin

basically, wtf is a VImin7b5 chord, and why is the V chord a min7.

from what I've figured, the Em7b5 could be swapped for a Gmin6, making it kind of like a I #V I V progression, but I don't know for sure what any of this means.

it's for an assignment for uni. would appreciate the help. thanks in advance
okay on further research i have deduced the Em7b5 could be out of the G melodic minor.

now whats the Eb-6 and the Dmin7?
Jobim uses alot of minor keys in his work..the bossa nova feel is minor...though it may be in a major key...girl from ipanema...

he uses a bV substitute chord (Ebmi6=Ab9) which is very common in minor keys and alot of Jobims work..and resolves very nicely into the tonic Gmi7...

in minor keys you can borrow from natural-harmonic-melodic forms in a progression and it will work...again not uncommon practice in minor keys...so the Dmi7 may work for melodic reasons in that part of the progression and in other parts it may be a D dominate 7 type or a vb7 sub type...

in jazz this is considered all just minor key principles that give alot of freedom in melodic and harmonic construction..

play well

Dm7 is diatonic. Unless you're wondering how it works in terms of harmonic motion, that's about all there is to it.

As for the viø it's pretty simple really. It uses the intervals 6 1 b3 5 which is also what a Gm6 chord would use.

And about the bvi6, wolf has it right. It's basically just a substitution, adding some nice chromatic motion between the Eø and the G-7.

I can explain in more detail if you would like.
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