Right, so a friend of mine saw this http://www.thomann.de/gb/warwick_rockbass_fortress_4_nt.htm , a Warwick Rockbass Fortress 4 NT, and showed me it. I thought "Meh, a 250 pound bass, no improvement for me." But then I read: RRP:769. That's when it got me interested. I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find much info on it, except that in USA it's about 600$ and in another British online store it's 250 quid too. I'm in no rush for a new bass but it certainly is worth considering if it was originally that price. I think it's probably an old model and they just want to get rid of them, but absolutely no info on it on Google.

Anyone know about it or maybe even own one?
NT usually stands for "neck through" which this bass isn't. Rockbass stuff has always cost less than £500 I've never seen one cost more. If the bass in the picture is exactly what you get then you're getting old stock. If it was new stock the headstock wouldn't have rockbass written on it and it would have the 2 piece bridge that high end warwicks use.

this is the new fortress

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