Hey, I'm kinda new here

I've read the lessons on how to read tabs and I've been using the site to teach myself some stuff. I have a tutor but he doesn't do lessons during the holidays and I was getting bored practising the same stuff over and over again. My problem is that I ran into a symbol and none of the lessons explain how to play that specific symbol.

I ran into it while trying to learn the trigun themesong


I have no Idea what the ^ means above the 3, does it mean that I have to interprate it as a 3 on the D string ? or a zero ? or is it to signify a special techinique ? if so, which one and how do you play it ?
im pretty sure that that is just a slight bend. checked out the tab, then the song, so i am certain, its just a slight bend or vibrato
Jazz noise
The ^ means you have to bend the note. It is easy to hear it in the song.
Bending a note is really often used, check some tutorials on Youtube, that's pretty easy.