right, i've got an ordinary sqier strat guitar..(i know, i'm saving up money for a new one), and i wanted to ask a question about tuning.

i've already down tuned it half a step, half a step dropped, drop d, and drop c, and it seems to be allright.

i wanted to try downtuning it lower, drop A (machine head, sliknot ecc), or to b standard, but i'm a bit worried abou the strings, because when i tune to c, it already seems a bit too low and loose, and i'm worried that tuning it lower might take the strings off, and that otherwise it might just sound shit.

is there somethin i need to know befoore i try??..like, do they have special types of guitars, or modified, or different strings, longer, thicker, (i normally use erniball, the ones in the orangish or yellowish packet) or do they fix them on different??
thanking in advance.
just change to a thicker string gauge dude.

Ernie ball make ones with great names too... i think they're called Beefy Slinkys. or if you're going down to A, Not Even Slinkys, haha

Only problem is, trying to tune your guitar to standard tuning with these strings will mean your guitar will need some adjustments, since the tension on the neck will be much greater. Most people either stick to one tuning or have separate guitars.

keep rockin.
Well yeah,as the dude said,the string gauge you use could be thicker. I'd use 11 set for C standard.. Maybe for B std too,but I don't need it really. I'd check out 53-11 or 60-11 sets,those should do the trick.
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i have three guitars (luckily), one in A (same tuning as dropped seven string without the highest string), one in drop C, and one in E, its the easiest way, unless you play gigs, then you need two guitars in same tuning as a back up
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i use slinky top heavy bottom (or which ever it is) and i tune from standard to Drop A with out trouble.
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yea obviously it's a feel thing too.

i use 11-50s for standard tuning, anything else feels weird for me.
What's wrong with a Squier? They're made by Fender and are excellent instruments. I have a Squier Strat as well, and it is great! I also have the SA-100 Squier acoustic and it's my main song writing guitar. I use it often.

But yeah. Use different string gauge for certain tunings.
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I have 11s on my Schecter, and I keep that in C standard. I also have 9s on my other guitar, and I keep that in standard. I've tuned the other one really low before, to drop A or lower. However, it feels really slack.

So yes, it is possibly, but I'd reccomend getting multiple guitars for different tunings.