For routering out the neck,pick-up pockets does having a plunger make it easer,

""Have no drill base""Iwas told if I use a Plunger I don't need to drill a hold
Are there any routers that dont have a plunge facility?

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yes you can get a base router, I need to know should I get a plunger if I don't drill?
Plunge routers are an amazing investment. There's so much you can do with them like cavities, inlays, binding channels. You'd be mad not to get one.
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I dont use a plunge router. I use a normal fixed base one, works fine for me.
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Fixed base works for me. Just use a forstner bit to drill your starting hole. Has to be a bit larger than the Router bit.
I may have a plunge router... Except it's mounted to a routing table. Haven't really looked at it that much. I prefer the hand control more.
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