I've struggled pretty damn hard for the better part of the last 2 years trying to sing well. Been taking lessons for the last 3 months...but i did some more research last night and tonight myself, cause i've felt pretty frustrated with a lot of qualities in my vocals, but tonight i felt like something clicked. like i now understand how to use my voice.

so, i decided to do a vocal cover of All I Need since I did a vocal cover of it in 2009 about a year and a half ago, cause I wanted to see my improvement.

I want nothing more right now than to have professional sounding vocals...and i feel tonight i started to scrape the surface. please tell me I'm not crazy.

You can listen to both covers if you're interested in seeing what i think is improvement herrrre, just click the purple (hi q) or grey play button (low) to stream them:


It was only one constant live vocal take, so some mistakes are present and if anyones curious I found the instrumental cover on youtube.

and I know a vocal cover such as this is not original and im imitating a bit, but I'm really all solely focused on tone and pitch. I feel this is probably the least "pitchiest" i've ever been, though it's still there a bit...but the one thing im probably most happy about is finally grasping what i think is "head" voice. You can hear it in the outro (in the 2010 version) "It's all wrong, it's all right" not even yesterday was I even able to sound how i did tonight on that part. that part is all kinds of difficult, at least for me, haha. cause it's sustaining high notes in the bridge part of your voice from chest voice to head voice.

So ya, just looking for some feedback/critiques, thanks. B)
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)