i have bought an Ibanez UV-777 BK (Steve Vai Signature Model) 7 String guitar, and am wondering which are the best strings for this guitar.

till now i played only 6 stringed guitars and i used normally "Elixir plated plain steel strings"

the UV 777 bass string is tuned in b.

thx for your answers.
there's no such thing as the best strings for a certain guitar. use what you normally use, and play around with the thickness of your b-string. if you used to play with .11's, buy a set of .11's for a 7-string (i believe you get a .59 for the low B then).

I myself prefer using a normal .11-.48 6-string set and throwing in a .64 string for the low B in Bb tuning.

but the brand you choose is up to yourself, which one you like the best. no such thing as "the best brand".
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I really don't know what sort string tension you're used to, but the "best" string set for in my seven-string and also in my low tuned six-strings is the GHS Zakk Wylde Boomers set, which goes from 0.11-0.70.

Although for a seven-string guitar you have to buy an addional 0.26 string to get the d-string to be thick enough.

I admit that the 0.70 might be a bit too bassy for passive pickups, but with EMGs that I've got in my seven-string it just sounds brutal.

I hope this helps you to find your perfect string set for your new guitar.
THX for the answers, normally i play with medium strings 48 -10. I will try out your tips.