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I'm 17, almost 18 and I wanted to buy a cheap board to mess around with. I can't skateboard at all and I want to learn just so I'll have something to do around town.

I know You aren't supposed to buy cheap ones but still..I was thinking about getting this one to mess around with. http://www.edmwi.com/home/edm/page_1912_149/skateboard_w._devil__star_24_x_6_medium_deck_sk8_n.html

Would it be a decent one to learn on?
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I don't know anything about skateboards.
Nice contraboochun, Jimbob!

TS: You probably "shouldn't" use cheap boards, but it really depends on how seriously you want to take it all, and what you plan to do with it.

If you just wanna ride around, do a few little street tricks but not necessarily slamming the board, grinding and hitting halfpipes and stuff, I'm sure a cheap one will do fine. I had a board that probably cost me about $70-90 or something, and that lasted me fine. I treat it like shit sometimes, but it never broke from it.

EDIT: Just looked at the link, a $7 skateboard <.<

If you wanna ride around on that, I'm sure it'll be fine But like, I probably wouldn't try to do any grinds or jump it haha. Depends on how sturdy it is when you get it, you would hate to snap the thing and end up hurting yourself haha.

Also, a cheap one probably has shit bearings and wheels, and you'll have to really push it to get anywhere in it.
It's worth paying that little bit extra, for a stronger, sturdier board and for the wheels to take you further than a couple of meters per push.
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I don't know anything about skateboards.

Essential post...

I just bought a whole set-up when I started getting into it, cost me $50 or so, but was worth it for a semi-decent one, a bad board can put you off the hobby, and it's great fun once you get the hang of it.

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I used to roll around on those cheap decks you buy at toy stores, but they seemed to heavy to get off the ground, so i just went to a local skate shop and asked around. Walked out with an ATM stock deck for an 100 euros. Seems like alot of money, but its lasted 3 years of thrashing and it's still going fine. ATM decks are nice and balanced, not too heavy and not too light, so in my opinion great for starters. I really should get back into skateboarding...
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I really should get back into skateboarding...

Someone had a skateboard out yesterday, and even just standing on it I felt completely off balance. I tried doing an ollie, but failed miserably (though in one piece, fortunately <.< )

They're a lot of fun to travel around on. Been yeeeeaaarrrss since I've used one.
My first skateboard cost me 30 euros, and the king pin (holds plate to deck) broke 3 days later when I tried a pop shove it.
Get something good from the start.
I do NOT recommend that.

The best "beginner skateboard" would be a blank deck with cheaper parts. Try this:


Believe me, this will do MUCH better for you than any other cheap board.
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If you want to just roll around town, go ahead and buy that one, then swap out the bearings with some decent ones so you can actually cuise.

I personally recommend Bones Reds. They're not the fastest, but they last for decades.