I'm sure this is gonna seem like a really stupid question to experienced players but I can't figure this out. I'm just learning how to play(online) and, even though I can play chords properly, I'm not entirely sure how to play a song I have the chords for. Here's an example;

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
D G Em7
Sleep in heavenly peace
G D7 G
Sleep in heavenly peace

It's like I'm not sure when to strike the chords, how many times, etc. Sorry if this is supposed to be obvious but im lost

Thx in advance!

P.S. In the preview post it doesn't show the chord letters in the right places above the words(I think it cuts out spaces or something) so I've posted the link as well.

You strum the chord G in between the words "calm" and "all"
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Usually the chord charts like that have them located at the right place, but when they aren't you have a couple options:
If you can, listen to the song and figure out the timing yourself but if that's not a viable option, just go with your ear.

For the thing you posted, you know what chords go to each line so that makes it easier. Listen and trust your ear.
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I'll try messing around with strumming and the chords...

Looks like henkka_potku was onto something with this song though.

Thx all!