See yesterday I wrote a song called Wish You Were Here. It's a kinda' slow song with soft piano chords and gentle guitar licks here and there. I wrote the following lyrics for it:

If you were here how d'ya think I'd feel
Cos up here is where everything seems real
If you ever come here just please let me know
Cos I'd hate for you to just come and go

Wish you were here
Nothing to fear
If you were up here you'd see it all so clear

But if your feeling low
Please promise me so
Just don't go

Yeah, get lost in the clouds
Yeah, follow the crowds

It's the first song I've wrote and I'd like to sing it, but when I go to sing it and listen back I think "God, my voice just sounds stupid" because I put a slight emotional voice on to sing it properly. IMO, I can sing pretty well but when I listen to it back it my voice just sounds really stupid and 'sissy' basically. If you've got any advice or anything just tell me what I can do and if you'd like to listen to the song just ask