When Jack White plays the 4 chords in the verse, there is almost no extra noise being made between the chord changes. But whenever I do this, I can hear a lot of noise, too much. How can I prevent this?
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just lay your fretboard-hand against the strings that they make no sound and if its still too noisy - damp it with your pick hand too
noise suppressor? towards the end i remember him doing alot of quick muted strings before the chords, if its just ur hands switching making noise just practice moving to the different chords off the strings and a noise suppressor will help cut out that excess noise
Studio version could well be spliced guitar parts to eliminate ALL noise.

It'll never be perfect, but practice will get it as close to as possible.
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That song has a fair amount of distortion on it, to get absolute silence between chords you would need to mute and use a noise suppresor. Muting alone you're still going to get some string noise.
Studio magic my friend. Just use the damping technique suggested and you should be fine. Noise suppressor if you're recording.