There's been a new wave of awesome guitar playing lately, such as Andy McKee. Some compose some really beautiful pieces and some just rely on tapping harmonics the whole time. Post your favorites.

Erick Turnbull - Bomba Checka

Favorite Candyrat guitarist.
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erik mongrain. good for chillin'.
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Oren Ambarchi
Wata of Boris
Omar of TMV, if he counts, his playing sounds weird
Rev. Kriss Hades

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Andy McKee really isn't avant-garde....at all... He's just wishing he could be Michael Hedges...

But in that style, definitely Kotaro Oshio.
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Depends on how one would define avnt garnde.
In a traditional sense, is Mckee? Arguably, no. Is his music still great for what it is? Yes. Personally I'd categorize it as Acoustic.
In reply to OP's question, then Ian Williams. I find his work in Storm & Stress, and more notably, Battles rather interesting. He somehow finds ways to express the most abstract and complex musical ideas in rather catchy and beautiful ways.
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