Last year I was at a friends house and they hired some movie, it was released last year (in Australia, anyway), it was about an Indian girl going through puberty with a really strict father and her parents were separated, she was getting teased by a boy at school and ended up dating him, and her neighbour was an army guy or something who left after he was found to have sexually assaulted her. It was rated MA or R from memory, does anyone know the movie I'm talking about/know what it's called?
Requiem for a dream
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Is it a question you're asking us?

Also, It's Lord of the Rings
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Thanks Pit. :p
This place is a last resort because for the life of me, I can't remember the name of it and a friend of mine wants to see it.

And no, not Bend it Like Beckham. Smartasses.
did you try googling some of the words? that usually works..
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the movie is called towel head

It was driving me nuts trying to think of it.