To all the mod masters,

So somehow or other I have come into the possession ion of 2 squier strats. The first is a British Racing Green Affinity which has grown on me like anything. Really nice strat! After getting set up now plays sweet. Looking to upgrade electronics and hardware sometime when I have spare cash available -

But the second is a Squier II (JAN 23 KV) K=Korea V=Vester - that I bought in pieces. What a lovely neck! Real vintage vibe. Smooth and beautiful finish. The body I hear is "laminated hardwood" and I will sand it right down to maybe funk it up with a paint job or something… But with the pieces there are 2 sets of pots and also 2 5way switches. The previous owner had bought new pots and switch – but I don’t know which is better quality… How to tell quality with regards to pots and switches?

So since I am completely new at guitar modification, and new on electric guitars as well, I thought some of you might have some cool ideas for the projects? I was thinking maybe getting a new body and building up the Squier II from scratch?

Your ideas and suggestions are most appreciated! Thank you for tolerating my neophyte enthusiasm!

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You could do some phase switching or putting the pickups in series. What were the 5 ways used for?


The quality of pots is pretty simple really, first thing to check is whether it crackles when you turn it, secondly (a general rule of thumb) the tiny ones are to be avoided as they're usually very cheap. Then there's the taper if it's an audio taper pot, some have better tapers than others, it's all preferance though. The only other thing that really makes a difference is the feel of the pot, in other wirds how stiff the shaft is.