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Up for sale is one 8 ohm Hellatone 60 speaker, Which is a real Celestion Vintage 30. I'll take $65 plus shipping, which will be $15.
They sell new for $99 plus shipping. This speaker is in excellent condition and has barely been used (only a few hours). It just wasn't the sound I was looking for.

The description from Avatar Speakers:
We start with a stock great sounding classic 60 watt Celestion Vintage 30. We convert it into a Hellatone by aging it slightly and by exercising the suspension for 15 hours so when you get it, it has a warmer tone on the very first note. These two aging processes warm up the low end and smooth out the midrange slightly. The Hellatone model 60 really projects and is great for all kinds of music, especially Rock and Metal!

General specifications
Nominal diameter 12", 305mm
Power Rating 60 watts
12” Paper cone
Treated paper edge
1.75 inch voice coil
50 oz Ceramic magnet
Terminal board
Frequency range 70 - 5000 Hz
Sensitivity 1W/1M (SPL) : 100 dB
Nominal Impedance: 8
Mesh dust cap
Resonance frequency, Fs 75 Hz
Overall depth 5.3”
Magnet structure diameter 6.1”
Cut-out diameter 11.1”
Mounting slot dimensions 0.31”
Number of mounting slots: 4
Mounting slot PCD 11.7”
Unit weight 10.4 pounds

Now for a pic:

PM me if you want more pics and I'll send them to you.
65$ shipped.
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I'm gonna have to pass on that offer. There have been 2 used Hellatone 60's on ebay in the last little bit and they brought at least $70 plus $15 for shipping. $75 shipped is the best I can do. If no one on here buys it soon. I'm gonna list it on ebay.

I might trade on it, depending on what gets offered.

I am looking for an EMG 81 & 60 if anyone has those.