This is a song thats been made and made and made and just eventually has finished!

For some reason i feel it doesn't flow but i think tahts because its been made for 2 guitars and not really anything else...

Please give some feedback on riffs and what fits and what doesn't please!

And don't mind the mess up at the end... That wasn't me, i'm on the left...

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There are too many riffs, they are decent riffs but there are too many varying ones and they all follow the same duh duh duuh rhythm. If you want a song to drive then you have something driving it, it could be a solid bass line or a solid rhythm.
The main problem is there is no obvious progression, just a bunch of riffs all starting in the same place with the same rhythm which on it's own is kind of cheesey.

That was really negative lol I'm sorry the playing was fine and the riffs were kinda cool but it was just too much of the same.
I pretty much agree, they were some really cool riffs though. I also didn't really like the tone of your guitars, it was way too much treble and mids i believe. or something. i don't know.

I think if you use just a couple of the riffs in a more formally organized song it could definitely work out well though.

if you could check out any of the songs on my profile and let me know what you think that would be cool.
The guy on the right was really rockin out in his bedroom haha. I really like that harmony thing towards the end.