So, I was just playing my tube amp, when suddenly I heard some popping sound. The volume of my guitar went up, and there was this huge buzz coming out of the amp, but my guitar was still audible. When I turned it off it gave that "pop" again. I tried switching it on later, and it worked fine in the beginning but then the same thing happened. Can anybody tell me what's wrong?
Thanks in advance, guys.

It's a Peavey Valve King 212, I was only using a boss distorion pedal and playing at a low volume.
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You may supersaturate the amp. I think

V1 can sure take a beating, i'm not sure you did that. You probably blew a tube up
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Did it work for like a few minutes and then cut out when first turning it on?

Yes, it did.
None of the tubes seem shattered.
is the buzz occuring when you have the ds 1 on? I also think its normal for tube amps to pop when you turn them on or off happens to mine sometimes.

Try to isolate the problem