im interested in modding a squier i got from my brother.


its already set up like a tom delonge guitar


my question is. what do i do to find out what size neck i need. and how to make sure it fits the squier body. i dont really want to spend too much on the neck.

Also, for the finish, how should i go about stripping the paint off.

and im planning on staining the guitar, even though that it is basswood im sure.
will it still be okay to stain?
and what should i use to get a light-medium stain on the guitar.
and what should i use for a clear coat.

and what volume pot should i get to replace the squier one? which is the best ?

as for what i know im already going to do:
Change the pickup, havent decided if i want the White Invader or black.
new volume knob
new tuners
new pickguard

id like to not spend alot on this. because i already have a guitar i use as my main guitar, id really just like this one to mess around with. but im willing to spend the money to get it to look like what i want, and play nice.

any input is welcome
its not too hard. You should prolly just put an Invader in it right now. It would be easiest and that's all the Tom Delonge sig was, a Squier with an Invader. Maybe change the pickguard and put a Telecaster volume knob on there. If you really must however, i try to make it like one of these. just remember, he had about a thousand different colors and grey was still popular with him. just think about it.

If you still really want to do all of this to it, just come back and tell me. I would be glad to lend you my expertise. but just know that you will prolly end up sticking more time and money into this guitar than its worth
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I commend your willingness to start tearing into a guitar. It can be great experience and you will no doubt learn a lot. I can however warn you from experience that getting a good guitar finish is a very difficult job. Unless you have just the right finishing equipment, talent and expertise you may never get a finish that is good as the one that was already on it. I think you should not mess with the finish.
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I commend your willingness to start tearing into a guitar. It can be great experience and you will no doubt learn a lot. I can however warn you from experience that getting a good guitar finish is a very difficult job. Unless you have just the right finishing equipment, talent and expertise you may never get a finish that is good as the one that was already on it. I think you should not mess with the finish.

well id rather have the guitar with a stained finish. and my moms good at staining evenly so i was going to have her help with that part. i just need to know what i need to finish it

and to Jdrier21
id like to at least do all of that. first. i dont think ill change the pickguard. but i will do the pickup and knob

and idea what Volume pot i should change it out to?

and if i do decide to get a new neck, what should i get. because i may end up wanting to in the future
ok. I would go to your local guitar shop and get a 500k volume pot. Make sure you get the one with the short shaft. The longer ones are for guitars with the pot through the body, a Les Paul for example. As far as brand or quality, it doesnt matter much, just make sure you dont buy any super cheap ones. whats really gonna alter your sound is the resistor and capacitor. to get the sound you want make sure you get a .220k resistor and a 680pf capacitor. That should about do it for you. I got all of these specs straight from the Fender Wiring Diagrams for the Tom Delonge Strat.

A Squier Strat neck is built to the same Scale and shape as a Fender Strat neck so the 2 are interchangeable. Now, if you want a good neck I would suggest and Allparts or an Eden neck. they make licensed copies of strat necks and they are not all that expensive as far as necks go. now you could also have one custom made at warmoth to your exact specs but that would be even more expensive. If you want the cheapest necks around you could look into Guitar Fetish. right now they are selling "strat style" necks for $40 but these are not licensed nor do they have the correct strat headstock.

If you are really serious about a new neck I could give you all the correct specs for a Vintage Fender or a Modern Fender Strat Neck. A lot of the specs that feel good and play well for you may not be the same as it is for me so I cant really give you just one answer to your question. If you tell me what you like about your necks as far as Nut Width, Fret Size, Fingerboard Radius, How Many Frets, Back Contour, etc... then I could help you find one. If you arent so good with the technical specs just start giving me examples of necks you like or just some of the qualities that you like in the neck.
thank you so much for the help!

for the neck, i really like a thinner neck, but still enough so i can really grip it. as for width and everything else, im not really concerned with all of that, as long as it plays smooth, and fits the guitar,

and i would need the 70's style to match the Tom Delonge


i was thinking about this one


its cheap, and looks good. and it has the headstock i want, so this one would work?
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yep. i wasnt sure if you wanted the CBS headstock or the Normal one. That neck would work for ya. looks like it's finished already and the truss rod is installed so all you would have to do is bolt it on.

sweet thanks for your help!
also, where should i buy the .220k resistor and 680pf capacitor?

EDIT: and will the nut on the old neck, fit the new one?


Took it apart now

first step is done

sanding the body tomorrow
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you could probably get the capacitor and resistor from your guitar shop when you can get the pot. if not then they would at least be able to point you in the right direction. That is always something you can order online but I dont really wanna see you pay $10 in shipping for $5 in parts. I've also heard of people buying those things at Radio Shack or other electronic parts stores.

I would just buy a new nut, they are usually pretty cheap. Nuts are usually glued on pretty good too so you might break it in half just from trying to pry it off. I personally would recommend
This One
okay thanks, ill get a new nut, and ill check out radio shack. last time i bought a pot for a guitar i ordered it from stew mac, i might order everything together from there, like the knob and stuff, so the shipping shouldnt be too much.

again, thanks for your help.

and if i have any other questions ill be sure to ask you!
good call. Stew Mac is one of my favorites

good luck on the changes. Squiers are always good guitars to start modding. cant feel too bad if you mess something up.

if you sand the body down, look at the wood grain and say yuck :P ReRanch sells a bunch of Fender colors including Sea Foam Green. just thought i would try to be the devil on your shoulder
the wood grain looks pretty good to me. right now. its the poly layer under the paint thats giving me the most trouble, it came off the contoured parts of the guitar. but not the rest of it.

is it possible to just throw a few layers over those parts. and then one over the whole guitar to even it out, and then put the new paint on? im liking the idea of that sea foam green. i didnt know it was that cheap!
it says i can use the old layer as an acceptable base. hopefully, i can even out the one part that is farther down then the others. it should be easy. and im not too concerned with it, i dont think ill notice since its only on the contoured part.

im definitely going with the Seafoam green, so i can try to make it look like the original.

this is turning out to be an interesting project, looks like ill be trying out my skills as a painter.
Sanding / Stripping update

haha, i wish i just had money for the real fender. but this is kinda fun.

i used citrisstrip. it didnt really work too well. so ill be sanding the rest down to the poly layer



I left the Poly layer on. but the paint is all sanded off.

i will be ordering the rest of the supplies for finishing the body tomorrow.
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thanks, i picked it up last night, since i was out. and i just put it on now now. and it sucks that the woods messed up in some places. because the guitar kind of looks good with it.

neck/paints and primer and clear coat/pickguard are in the mail on monday
well finally got the paint in and decided to jump right into it, i procrastinated buying it for a while. but i got a neck and the paint

heres the body painted

(bad quality phone picture, the color looks much better. ill get my camera for the final product)

and heres the neck i got on ebay on the guitar before i painted it

Just a heads up should you be stripping another poly guitar, use a heatgun and a paint scraper.

You heat the paint, and before it starts bubbling scrape it off. It comes off real easy. If you heat the paint for too long and it starts bubbling, it leaves a thin black residue that needs to be sanded off.

I stripped my Japanese Squier Strat in about 30 minutes with that method. I can't imagine how long it took you to sand, Fender puts that paint on so thick.
i would have used a heat gun,. but my dads got stolen. so i didnt have one.

and yah it took a long time to strip the paint haha
Alright! If only it had the Pearloid pickguard it would be a perfect Tom Delonge sig. I really do like the black though.
Welcome to the world of Strats with Invaders, its one of the best combos I've used. A really trebley guitar with a really bassy pickup.... its genius!!
uploaded Mp3s in my profile!

recorded through Guitar Rig 4 and Sony Acid!!!!

sounds great i think!!!
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I just listened to your mp3s, very nice. I take it you went with the 500k pots

yeah when i looked inside it already had a 500k pot in it.

im still replacing it though when i buy the barrel knob and capacitor and resistor

and yah Salgala i really think it did too. especially for those of you who know 'Obvious'