ok i was at m grama's place and one of her buddies had this guitar a Raven guitar he came from ireland with it or something like that and he sold it to my grama and she gave it to me. the thing i wanted to know is what the exact year it was made in. when i look in the loot hole this is what it says on the information

Raven. art. no. A206Y. although it might be a y or a V as it's kinda smudged although the guitar is in great condition.
I have one as well, and have never been able to find out much about it. It's black, with gold lettering at the head.

Same info inside, A206 Y

I received mine from my Uncle about 15 years ago, it's still in great condition and plays great. Unfortunately, hard to find anything about it.
well mines black with a white pick guard on both left and right side of the strings. it has what seems to be a bone inlay system as what, the person who i bought it off. it might be but not to sure.