Alright, got a few dollars to spend, been looking at both these guitars very intently. At first I was completely sold on the WT-460, but recently I've become fond of the more "full" V shape, and pickguard of the Fulcrum. I also want a whammy bar, but seeing as I might not use it once the initial fun wears off, I'm more and more leaning toward the cheaper Fulcrum. If anyones had any experience with either guitars, can you tell me how yours plays, even if its basic preference. I also have the specs if anyone can spot any glaring advantages from one over the other. I'll be using it for Metal FYI.

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Licensed Double Locking Floyd Rose Trem
Lightweight basswood body - Only 6.5 lbs!
Diecast tuners with 12-1 ratio
Humbucker pickups for reduced noise.
22 jumbo fret maple set neck with rosewood fingerboard and shark inlays
One volume and one tone with 3 way pickup selector swtich
Black hardware and tune-o-matick bridge.
Width of the neck at the nut is 1 5/8" Scale length is 25 1/2".
Overall length is 46" Width from tip to tip of the V is 16" Length from the headstock to the center line is 36"

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High output ceramic pickups
Bound Rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets (2.77mm) and dot inlays
Neck taper/thickness at the 1st fret: 21.5 mm; at the 12th fret: 23.5mm
Die cast chrome tuners with 12-1 turning ratio
Lightweight Basswood body, weighs only 7 lbs
2-Piece Maple bolt on neck with adjustable truss rod
Two volume and one tone control plus a 3-way pickup selector switch
Width of the neck at the nut: 1 5/8"; at the 22nd fret: 2 3/16"
Overall length 45.5"; Scale length: 25.5"
Width at the widest point: 17", body thickness at the edge: 1.5"
Actual Weight is only 7 lbs

Also, if you have any other V-Shaped guitars you'd recommend in the 200max categoery, feel free to tell me.
i've got the WT-460, and idk if all are this way, but mine has a floyd that goes out of tune without even using it and the screws are so long in it that i physically cannot lower the action any further than it already is, and it's got really high action right now. If i could do it again, i'd have gone with a guitar from rondomusic without the floyd, as i never use it because of the LFR's bad tuning stability and the fact that i can't lower the action any further. however it does have a nice sound to it.
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Thats what I was afraid of! But it does have a good sound to it, ey? Besides the floyd, did it come in good condition when it arrived?
i personally detest floyds i would go for the string thru, simply for the sustain it adds, i want one of the halo's myself and waiting for the ursa 4's to come out in august to grab me a new bass.
Honestly I would advise getting the SR1, its only $140 and it has mahogany body with a set neck and EMG passive pickups. I can honestly say its an amazing guitar at these prices. I do not have an SR-1 but I do have the Debeo Octanis which is the excact same guitar but without the EMG's that they were selling till they got the SR-1's back. I wrote a review on the Debeo Octanis inthe review section.
I think you should go with the second one. LFR's have a habit of sucking, and they're a lot of work. That, and the second one screams Megadeth to me for some reason....
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I dig string thru too! But I HATE that off white color of the Fulcrum, its the main thing holding me back, and Yeah, the second one does scream MD! Probably why I dig it so much. BUT, the off white kills it for me...I checked out the SR-1 too, it looks great, but I don't like the stripes. Does it come in solid white? I couldn't find it, but then again, I've seen lots of direct links to guitars for rondo that aren't in the main section. I guess I should have noted that the guitar has to be SOLID WHITE, not off white or with any decals. Thanks for your help so far guys! Its really shaping my views on this.
Sorry about this but those two guitars are as ugly as sin.

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