I need power tools. What are some of the best ones?
Are dremels appropriate? i'm looking to build some cabs, head cabs things like that.

also what's the best most useful screw driver for guitar work?

Thanks guys!

edit: can be solid state. doesn't have to be tube.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
imo a dremel with the right attachments is one of the most useful tools to do anything guitar related
but with enough creativity you could do all that with a power drill, a saw and some clamps
also need the norm wood glue i recomend locktite,screws etc.
and a router if your going to be building guitars saves alot of frustration
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For body work on guitars you want a router. Screwdrivers, just get a Philips and a normal one, should cover most of what you need. A sander is good for finishing, a circular saw if you're cutting plywood for those cabs. Soldering iron if you're gonna wire anything. A jigsaw can be good for cutting out bodies or holes for speakers in a cab.

EDIT: A drill/screw gun should help too, unless you wanna nail your cab together. Screws hold better though.
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For guitars, the most essential tools are routers with a bunch of different bits, a drill press, a bandsaw, and a whole HELL of a lot of sandpaper.

Cabs? Ehm... table saw, shaping table, router, screws, drill, screwdrivers, etc.
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can a dremel double as a screw driver?

im sure theres an attachment for it but i prefer having both