I'm thinking about selling my epi and buying that washburn with emg 81/85. Is it a good idea? Price is very similar. It will be step forward or just the same class guitar? I'm asking because i can't try it out myself. Thinner neck can help me with solos speed and tapping or it's just a myth? I play for about 4 years, heavy/thrash metal mostly. Right now got flextone3. I wanted ltd ec-1000 but it cost 2 times more that i can afford. So give me some opinions please. Cheers!
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Going by the specs and general opinion on the X50PRO is that it's a very good guitar for the money but you should definitely try one out before buying it.
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I'd hang on to the Epiphone LP and try to save up for the X50 Pro. Having two guitars is always nice. It doesn't hurt anything

I had to sell stuff on craigslist and do some work for my brother for my new guitar coming in the mail.

I like the thought of having a 2nd guitar.
for the stuff you're playing, i'd say yeah. assuming it's the same guitar as the one with duncans, apart from the emgs (i've only tried the duncan one).
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I have the Pro FE, wish I could have the PRO with the same finish as the FE, as the EMG's don't sound too excellent through the SS I use.

I'd definitely say change guitar if thats what you play. It's extremely nice and I prefer it over Jacksons and Ibanez's personally.
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