ok so the other day i got a jay turser strat with a whammy bar, ive heard on sites that a whammy bar mis tunes the guitar mine doesnt? i was wondering though, i cant raise the pitch with it, what could i do so i can raise the pitch? what can i do to raise the pitch without detuning it? i dont have a floyd rose if i need that to pitch raise
You can just bend... Raising the pitch with a nonfloydrose is not possible, unless it's another brand floating tremolo system. Also, this is in the wrong forum, try reading the rules and thinking about where you're going to post. Also, there is an edit button.
You can raise the pitch if there are not enough springs in the back of the guitar, so the bridge ends up floating a little due to string tension.

But the reason it goes out of tune is because there are no locking tuners or a locking nut, so the strings get stretched out of their tuning pegs when you use the tremolo.

And yes, wrong forum as others pointed out.
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ok first whatever i get that this is the wrong topic, 2nd how could i without spending money, make a floating trem that doesnt mistune the guitar ( and if i need stuff what would i need)
To be honest, you will have to spend money if you want to do that. You'll need locking tuners or a locking nut. Just google them or look on guitarfetish.com I think. There's different sizes so you'll have to look up the size your guitar has.
Warmoth Strat w/ Lace Holy Grails
'07 Roadhouse Strat
Washburn WD-21 all Koa Acoustic
Marshall JCM-2000 TSL-122
Bugera V-5
will the locking nut be enough to keep it in tune without a floyd, and doing up bends

sorry if i seem a little demanding im just new to guitar stuff
Putting a lock nut on will be a lot of work with modifying a new spot for it. Its best just not to do it. It would be way easier just to wait until you can buy a guitar with a floating trem on it. Sorry if that is disappointing.
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i'm guessing this is a vintage tremolo copy (fender style). So if you loosen the springs at the back, ur bridge should raise up, now when it's risen up you can now pull up on the whammy bar, but you will have less of a downward action.

To stop it from going out of tune, if you string up ur guitar properly (~3 winds and stretch to the shithouse), then ur guitar shouldn't go out of tune that often.

That's how fenders do it, and malmsteen seems to go pretty crazy without having to worry about the trem too much.
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You could also route a pocket under the trem so it will depress into the cavity, but it's a pretty technical job. Alternatively get a flloyd rose installed by a pro.
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