Need some new strings for my guitar and was wondering what the best ones are that are pretty cheap... about £5.

I'm new to all the guitar string business so no nothing of what I should be looking for.

Size, material they're made from etc..

I've got a Squier strat and the strings that are on it have been on since I bought it in January. When should I be looking to change my strings... is there a recommended period of time that strings last? Also how can I tell if my strings are getting a bit crappy if you get what I mean.

Any help would be great. Thanks.
everyone is different. I change mine once a month, sometimes twice. not because of rust or anything, i just do. blue steel 10's for me, though they run about $8 a set. start of with a few packs of ernie balls and see what size you like. take it from there.
Yea, DR's are my go to's but I LOVE Firewire strings, they can be harder to find though.
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I'll buy a few different sizes and see which ones I find nice.

How can you tell if the strings aren't any good any more?
I'm a real novice when it comes to the sorting my guitar out part haha.
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Don´t buy cheap strings !!!!!!!!!!

What do you suggest then?

The Ernie Ball strings are all around £5.
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What do you suggest then?

The Ernie Ball strings are all around £5.

I used to use ernie ball but then switched to D´Addario´s they seem to last longer.
There are strings out there that are cheap ( a couple dollars a pack) the problem is they lose their sound quick or have no sound and break quicker then you think. Thats what I meant by cheap strings, you may think you are getting a good deal but in the end you´re getting screwed.