got a dessert yellow rg550 reissue. perfect guitar. i had the original pups swapped out for the dimarzio paf pros in the neck and bridge and the fs-1 in the middle. didn't care for the original pups that were in it. however, the original pups will be included to maintain collector quality. also has nos ibanez neon green knobs. these alone costed 60 bucks! haven't been in production since early 80's and just hard to find. again, original knobs and pup switch will be included. neon green leather strap (can you tell i'm big on butt rock?) original strap included. all the case candy and accessories included. this guitar is so straight. feels great in my hands and plays like butter. sad to sell it but need to. its in absolute mint condition. $850 shipped. i prefer paypal.
That baby looks awesome!!! Perfect combination of colors...

Wish I had the money! Good luck. I'm sure you'll get someone to buy it.

Also, Try jemsite.com out. There are a whole bunch of ibanez fanatics there, I'm sure you'll sell it there.