i've made up my mind!

i think i'll go for the fender standard strat Hss!

i'm going to buy it tomorow! so any last comments or things i should look out for?

(i mostly play rock, punk, jazz, blues,...)

thanks in advance!

and sorry for the bad english
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i just played that EXACT same guitar this morning. (same color and everything)

it's a great guitar for the money.
Cant go wrong with a HSS strat. Theyre so damn versatile.

You shouldn't have any regrets.
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Its an amazing guitar. you will love it. the only thing i would do is eventually upgrade the pickups. the stock pickups are still good, dont get me wrong, but they were still made on an assembly line with ceramic magnets. some nice Alnicos in the neck will really make that thing scream blues.
Are you sure you want to get the rosewood fretboard? just check out the strat in my sig
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Nice, American or Mexican. Either way, good guitar for the money on both models. If it's Mexi, def change the pups, if MIA, it isn't a necessity, but would definitely help. Also, is that the exact color you're gettin?
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i'm going for the maple neck and the color blue or white *rushes of to the guitar shop*
Drum drum drum away!