I currently have many picking and legato exercises in my practice folder. Recently i have been trying to play through all of them in one practice session but because of this i don't have enough time to practice anything else. Would it be more logical and beneficial to only play a few a day or should i stick to playing all of them at once?

Thanks in advance
Pick out exercises that target the things you need to improve on most if you must insist on running exercises.

I would suggest that it's better to compose a small etude or pick a song that has the technique you're learning, this way you have something musical at the end of it as well.
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Yeah i was going to do the song idea but i thought i should work on my technique first. But picking a song with the techniques in them sounds like a better idea. Thank you for the advice
My practicing consists of different exercises on different days. I practice a good 3 hours a day, I'll spend one day on scales, one on legato and tapping, one on sweeps and arpeggios, and so on and so on. That way I get everything I need. Some days I just do reviews and do a little of everything.
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