are there lmitations with impetance about how many speakers you can drive? for example, if i hook a 1x12 amp to a 2x12 cab, can i run 3 speakers?

does it matter as long as the impetance is matching? for example couls you run a half stack and then a 1x12 extension cab?

i have an amp that changes from 4,8,16 ohms. so as long as i dial in the correct ohms, speaker number shouldnt matter right?
You can run as many speakers as you'd like as long as your wattage and impedance match. There are tons of threads on this if you use the searchbar.

EDIT: I realize my post was a bit vague. When you're adding extra speaker cabinets, there are more things to consider. Read through your amp's manual; it may have some info on this.
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is there any disadvantage/advantage to using odd numbers of speakers?
You usually have to mess around with wiring to get the impedances correct, but there's nothing inherently less desirable about using odd numbers.