Hello, everyone

This is one of my latest songs, just a little acoustic pop that I need a few fresh sets of ears to hear. I've played and tweaked this song so many times I can't trust my own opinion on it anymore.

I know it's maybe not up to the standards of what's usually posted here as it's not a prog epic. Hats off to you guys and girls who can write like that -I've downloaded some really awesome stuff here - but that's just not me. I don't really want to write down any of my concerns on it because I don't want to give listeners any preconceived notions.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and of course, C4C, as best I can.

My Ideas - #89 - ''Drifted'' (3.24).gp4
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Quote by Freeze1186
Hats off to you guys and girls who can write like that

True that, would be super stoked if i could write the way some of these guys do

Anyway..your song is good. Catchy. Really liked the change at C and in general all the parts fit together very well but i didn't like part D.

Drums could be mixed up a bit as well. You can keep the same pattern for the drumming i guess because it does fit, so no drastic changes required imo but maybe get creative with like the ride cymbal in the chorus drumming pattern just to mix it up.

Reminds me a lot of The Verve with the big chorus and quiet verses.

Nice job bro!
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I liked this; however, I feel like some improvements could be made with the drums.

Try to change between closed and loose hi-hat, as well as going onto the ride cymbal. Also, some basic fills could go a long way.

I feel that it could also add to the ending to slow down as you go.

To show you what I mean, I made the changes, just as an example; it's in the file below.

C4C? Purity Complex, in my sig, could really use it.

Edit: Sorry, didn't realize you used GP4.
My Ideas - #89 - ''Drifted'' (3.24).gp5
My Ideas - #89 - ''Drifted'' (3.24).gp4
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