Just recently bought a new strat.
Im new to guitar, but ive been playing for 5 or so years.

Im new to needing a big set up for a gigging band i mean.

What do you recommend in the line of heads and cabinets?
We play mostly our own stuff which is very Fall Out Boy / Twin Atlantic ish.

And preferably something that isnt going to break my bank.

Marshall JCM 900?

Squier Strat
Epiphone Explorer
Agile AL-3100

Don't need a halfstack, you can get an amazing combo at that price. Or a really good used head/cab. I'd personally go combo.

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Well to be honest i hardly think you're gonna be playing big places right off the bat, so why not get a better combo or something similar... To be honest, even in a place with 600 or so people in all i can imagine you'll need is a 70-100 watt combo, not a half stack or full stack.
If you want FOB/Twin atlantic sound look at the amps they use and aim for something similar, probably a Marshall.
Don't go line 6 whatever you do
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