Meet my vester VSS577 electro acoustic that I bough from kijiji for $100~

Long story short, I finally removed the neck and I found these white greyish glue sticking on the dove tail. It's nothing I can steam off, and so I just wanted some professional opinions on what I should do now.

I'm an absolute novice and I know it's a big stunt for me to attempt a neck reset, but i'm determined to put this back in one piece and singing again =)

A little extra information for you guys:
- The guitar came in with a huge heel separation already in place. Since I have no idea how to refret a neck, I decided to inject the steam needle right into the separation gap
- Flat ironed the spot where neck is attached to the body
-Steamed the separation gap, eventually hammering the neck out of it's body (gently of course =) )

I took a video of pretty much the whole process, let me know if you want to know all the details.


Is it just me, or did you rip out part of the neck block and the soundboard?

Or maybe the guitar was just built that way. I just thought it seemed odd.
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I don't want to sound like a debby downer or anything, but what's the point of asking for advice if you openly admit to not having a clue as to what you're doing? Even if a professional gives you advice you most likely will not have the understanding, tools, or experience to fix your issues. Again, I'm not trying to troll your thread or anything, but I just find it a bit sour to meander amaturely through a neck reset and then turn around and expect to understand a professional solution to the problem.

In any event, I'm looking at those pictures and it looks like part of the wood was ripped out during the separation. Can you post pictures of the neck and the neck block? Since this is an inexpensive guitar I wouldn't expect the build quality or workmanship to be anything but below industry standard.
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As pbankey says....Resetting a neck is a major repair that requires considerable knowledge and expertise and the right tools as well.
Looks to me like you have gone perhaps a mite too far.....
I've read alot of articles and tutorials on how it's done, leveling the right angle for the neck, how to glue it and so on. By not knowing anything I meant the exact way of removing those glue residual. Also the dovetail looks a bit foreign to me, since most of the once i've seen were triangular, but that only seems like a minor difference. The neck itself looks virutally identical to any other necks i've seen on the internet, when taken apart.And you can totally tell this thing has been reseted once and those white glue are what the previous person did to it. You can see the shims they added too.

Thanks for the input, but I would really like to give it a try.
Right now i'll worry about getting rid of the glue with a chisel and keeping it's current condition intact, even though it's not in good shape.

Here are some pictures of the neck. These pictures were all taken the moment the guitar was taken apart. I was puzzled by the way the body looks as well. The neck however looks normal, just like anything I've seen on the internet.

First step i'll do is probably remove all the white crud with a catechize, which i'd have to shop for.

< This side concerns me a little bit. The bottom block (hope that's what it's called) looked like a bit of wood has been ripped out... didn't see any remains on the body though.

I doubt this guitar is worth anything more than $400-500 new, i've founda similar Dean electro acoustic with virutally the same specs for around that price.
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Clamp the body (or neck) in something like a Black and Decker "Work Mate", with something soft to protect it.

Get a 1/4 inch chisel.

Learn how to sharpen a chisel to a razor edge.

Gradually pare the glue out with the chisel, keeping it sharp.

Tidy up the wood with the chisel too.

Follow that Neck Re-Set guide on Frets.
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