I haven't changed the strings on my Jackson DK2 since I got it, and I'm unsure about it because of the floyd rose. Should I?

I got the guitar in March.
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Change 'em if they're wearing out, bro. It's tough the first time, but you'll get the hang of it. Here's how: http://modguitar.com/archives/313

Don't change string gauges unless you want to mess with the guitar more than you absolutely need to. Change them one at at a time, and tune the guitar after each one you change.
Changing strings on a Floyd is tricky indeed, but you probably have to change it sometime in the near future, but the sooner the better. There probably are some good videos on YouTube that show you how to change strings on a Floyd Rose.
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Youtube indeed might have good guides for changing strings on a floyd rose guitar.
If you need to know which string gauge you should use,search for the ug forum's strings thread,it really gives some very good advice.
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Take your time, don't get frustrated. When they need changing, they need changing. Don't put it off, you'll be doing it in no time once you get the hang of it. I learned from this series of videos, it was really helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_q2wleWRvw

4 parts, but its worth it if you don't wanna screw up.

And if you're gonna change strings gauges, there's more you have to do once the strings are on. Just PM me and I can link you to a past thread that really helped me out with it.
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