A few notes before reading:
1)when you see this ... that just means extend the word as if you were hearing it in a song.
2)This is just a rough draft....input would be appreciated.

I shed a tear
was nothing new from you
what came next
could not have known
what to do
this life of mine is gone
nothing left for you
the hardest thing of all
was living this life
without a clue
but you cant take this heart
this heart is no longer
meant for you
the fire in my heart
burned through
the feelings that i've felt
are not what I once knew
you take my soul
and bleed me dry
you took my tears
i can no longer cry
my body aches
still it won't die
I await for the times we had
soul less no more
has left me sade
I did not see a song with that title in your profile, but the lyrics are pretty good. So, I listened to 'Dreams': some of the riffs are pretty good, though the playing could be tighter. Some drums would help this song a lot. You're getting some unwanted distortion in that recording. I liked 'Jam I' much better: the drums helped a lot, your playing is better, & I liked the riffs better overall. And you're not getting the unwanted distortion that's in 'Dreams'. Keep at it & you'll get better recordings. Where are you from? I'm gonna guess USA or England.
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