Hello everybody! Please let me preface this by saying that I'm not entirely sure if this would classify as belonging to the "Ultimate Screaming thread" (although I would think not, because I'm not exactly really asking a question in relation to screaming, haha :P), but I figured I would put it in here regardless, since this is more likely to get more views.

Anyways, I've found a lot of people who want to jam with me, but my only problem is this--I have no power source for my Shure SM58 microphone, and no money, either! I've searched all over for jobs, with no luck whatsoever. My one hope is that on my birthday I'll get some birthday money, but I'm not expecting to make anywhere over $100.

SO, with that being said, I just want a little power source, whether it's a monitor or a PA system (I'd like a PA system much better, I am sure, because I can EQ it!), so that I can jam with people, and if I have a band, practice--I don't really need a big fancy one, just something that has slightly enough power so that you can kind of hear me over the big loud guitar amps and drums....I would probably yell myself hoarse if I was trying to scream loud over the drums and amps, so I am just looking for something around or even better yet, under (not pushing my luck, though, haha :P) $100 that I can bring around with me everywhere and jam and/or practice/rehearse.

Does anyone have any suggestions or anything? Just as a disclaimer I've already got a mic,

Thanks again!!!
This is part of an answer to another thread that I posted but it should be a help

As a vocalist you will eventually need two lots of amplification, A monitor so you can hear yourself on stage and a PA so the audience can hear you. It is a waste of your money to buy something not up to the job or something you will throw out in less than a year so start planning for a slightly longer term.

I'm going to assume you are going to have to buy and that you want to do it as cheaply as you can. All the prices I've given are for new so you should be able to get them cheaper used.

The thing you need is an amp which for vocals is called a monitor. You'll need monitors for when you start performing (so you can hear yourselves on stage) and so buy something which will do this job. The alternative is to buy a small PA system which might help out with early gigs but which you can go on to use as monitors as soon as you can afford better. I'll explain.

Monitors are (usually) small speakers that are built so that the speaker is at an angle pointing up towards the performers ears. Because of there shape they are also called Wedges. They can be powered by a separate amp (passive wedges) but I'd recommend that you look for one with the amp built in. We bought a Laney CXP 110 http://www.laney.co.uk/show_prod.php?prod=cxp-110
which does a good job. It costs about £130. The only disadvantage is that it only has a single volume control so you cant mix in sounds and it only has an unbalanced mic input. The advantage is that you just plug the mic in and away you go and you can run it of a mixing desk if needs be and also add an extension speaker. Most manufacturers make a version of this and you could probably find one to take a balanced mic input. This would be perfect for practice as well.

The alternative is a cheap PA like this http://www.reddogmusic.co.uk/PA-and-Live-Sound/Portable-PA-Systems/Peavey-Audio-Performer-Pack.html . You can get even cheaper if you go for non-branded. The mics are usually something to throw away and the Pa won't be loud enough for anything other than an acoustic act. The problem is the speakers, they have to compromise on the magnets to make anything at this price so the speakers are generally not very efficient, however this isn't such a problem if you use them as monitors as you will be much closer than the audience and they will be quite adequate for even a large practice room.

Most PA speakers nowadays are built in a wedge shape deliberately so you can use them as monitors so be reassured this is just as good a choice. They'll act as your practice set up now and occasional PA use and form your monitor system as soon as you can afford something better.

A third option would be to buy an active PA speaker. More expensive but much better quality. Something like this http://www.reddogmusic.co.uk/PA-and-Live-Sound/Speakers/Active/Wharfedale-Titan-12-Active.html

As a singer you need to invest if you want people to think you are serious. Other band members have bought a guitar and amp as tools of their trade. They are really going to appreciate you coming with a good mic and your own amplification.

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Quote by AlanHB
In the meantime, rehearsal room?

first of all, Phil, thanks A BUNCH for that highly detailed post!!! I'll definitely take all of that wonderful information into consideration when buying for shows.

But since I'm unbelievably poor, I think I'd just like to take it one step at a time--I basically have a full band lined up--but they're all waiting on me to get some form of microphone amplification so we can all jam and start rehearsing. At least for a while, I'll only need a PA system/monitor for rehearsals, and not live shows.

As for AlanHB, I guess I should consider myself fortunate that we all live close by and are still living in houses....so whoever's willing to volunteer their house for a melodic death thrash metal band's rehearsal's is going to receiving many praises from the rest of the band, haha! :P
Also out of curiosity, on a $100 or only a tad more expensive USD budget, would it make more sense to get a monitor, or a pa system? Seeing as Guitar Center's cheapest PA system is $129 and it STILL looks really crappy, I'm assuming it makes more sense to get a monitor for rehearsals, but I will surely be missing out on those super fun and awesome EQ settings without a monitor
Quote by shinderhizzle84

As for AlanHB, I guess I should consider myself fortunate that we all live close by and are still living in houses....so whoever's willing to volunteer their house for a melodic death thrash metal band's rehearsal's is going to receiving many praises from the rest of the band, haha! :P

Because rehearsal rooms come with PAs.....so you can you know - hear yourself.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Quote by AlanHB
Because rehearsal rooms come with PAs.....so you can you know - hear yourself.

yes but we're going to be rehearsing at people's houses..

also, I was told that the majority of metal bars have their own PA system that would blow the living daylights out of mine, regardless???

Maybe I'll just get a monitor....there seem to be a lot more $100 monitors than there are for PA systems..

Just looking at a few online in guitar center, does it make more sense to go with:




Or can you find another one on that site that might be better????
The speakers you are looking at are all unpowered. this won't matter if you have a spare amp but if you don't you need a powered speaker with the amp built in. Like this; http://www.guitarcenter.com/Behringer-EUROLIVE-F1220A-12--125W-Powered-Monitor-582089-i1448434.gc

Behringer have a terrible reputation in Europe. This is due to their regular massaging of their specs to make them seem better than they really are, perceived unreliability and poor after sales service, abit like Apple's support of the iPod. I have found their PA stuff to be OK though. I use one of their mixers and a PA amp and it has been completely reliable. I've even bought a second PA amp. I don't know how supportive Guitar Center are. You'll have to make your own judgement about this. Why not look for used?
I will look for used, but I have no idea what to look for, and have no experience with this, so I'd have no idea if someone is selling me something that I simply cannot use or is ripping me off completely.

The amp you linked above, sadly, is about 99 dollars out of my price range, haha :P

I mean, I'm sure, that, if I got enough birthday money, I could convince my parents to help me out with 20 or 30 bucks over $100 USD, but anything more than that is a huge stretch, and I'm probably pushing my luck....