I got a recording mic for my birthday. i need to get a cable with a usb end to plug it into my computer.


Will this work in my MXL 990? If not what will? If you have an mxl 990 please also tell me what you use

This is what i have (i think)
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It will not work. There is no phantom power supplied by that cable, it absolutely will not work. You should buy an interface, not a usb cable. It'll sound a thousand times better and reduce latency considerably.
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Nope, as stated, no phantom power with that cable.
Don't cheap out...find yourself a M-Audio Fast Track MKII interface.
This offers nice adjustable preamps and a phantom power source.
You'll just need an XLR cable to attach the mic to it.


The MXL990 is a nice mic to capture an overall sound mix though so I'd stick with that. The new interface will give ya a much better recording quality anyways.