Anyone had any experience with the Visual Sound H2O pedal?

What do you think about it? Is it good for rock music (to adding some delay to certain solos)? AND: Is it true bypass?
Not true bypass.

Chorus is decent enough.

Never really used the delay on mine, since it had a scratchy pot so I took it back and bought an Analogman instead.
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I had one never really used the echo side of it. Modded mine so the chorus went to both outputs. If your going to use batteries plan to buy alot of them as the echo side eats them. Sold mine and bought the stereo liquid chorus.
Not TB but its got a good buffer, it doesn't suck tone when off. I love mine, simple and sounds good.

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The echo side does a great job of beefing up solos: I use it almost solely for that purpose.
The repeats are very natural and with the right settings you can also essentially use it as a reverb pedal. Overall I'd definitely recommend it if that's the main objective. Occasionally I use the chorus side. It's good, but I'm just not much of a chorus guy.