Well in short I liked it; nice singer-songwriter vibe. You have that mellow voice thing down. The guitar was good and matched the piece well.

Only complaint is that is sounded familiar. Listen to Jason Mraz a lot do we?
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i hear a lot of jason mraz in there, not in like a ripoff way though, it's a good thing. the guitar melody is really cool and you have a nice voice. the only thing i would say is on the verse maybe to try and add a little more substance to the guitar, even if its just some extra strums of the same chords.

if you could check out song 19 on my profile and let me know what you think i'd really appreciate it.
I really like the guitar line during the verse, it fits awesome with the vocals. I feel like some of the actually playing is a little rough, timing wise at points, but considering you only played this for about an hour its really great man, you are a talented guy with a nice voice.

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Loved the chord progression! I've tried to do that little tapping thing you do on the guitar but I'm crap at it lol. You're voice fits well with the song. It's very soft and soothing. A definite chill song indeed!

Maybe fiddle around with some different guitar melodies to spice it up a bit? All and all it's a great song!

crit mines?

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